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Each online course includes a textbook, operational templates, an overhead series, and personal instruction via e-mail and our private forum system. We are also currently taking these courses online to a highly interactive system. Each course participant taking a online course in 2003 will also be given access to the interactive courses in the same subject(s).

Courses available online

We offer a large array of classes online and these are continuously increasing. Current online courses include (samples are based upon materials taught in 1999-2000, current courses were last updated in December 2006):

  • Fundamentals and Use (Module I course material)
    This is the premiere course for learning the process. We have taught this course to thousands worldwide. The onsite version of this class is very intense and takes over 24 hours. Accordingly, when you take the online version of the course, we recommend you plan on expending over 40-hours on the effort. [more details]

  • Introduction and Refresher
    Intended for people that just want to get the basics or obtain a refresher on what the process is, this course can be completed within about 8 hours of effort. [textbook sample]

  • Managing VECP operations (from the perspective of the contracting officer or their technical representative)
    This course is taught in onsite situations in about 6 hours. It includes a large array of practice cases and examples to help the trainee fully understand the process. [textbook sample]

  • Operating and managing a value program
    While this course is taught in onsite situations in about 6 hours, if you are truly planning to operate a full value program, we recommend you examine the online version data closely as a large number management and operational details are made available in the course. [textbook sample]

If you are already registered, use the userid and password you were given to enter the course pickup and operations area. You should follow the instructions and links given in your confirmation e-mail for the other online support and course activities.



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