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Educational Group Options

If your organization is a part of a recognized educational organizations (university, trade group, or other), we offer your group a unique opportunity, thanks to the sponsorship of the Miles Value Foundation, VE Today, and Value Engineering Society International.

What you get.

  • Permission to use our online systems for training purposes without charge (a per student book fee will apply and value trainer assistance is for the instructor only)
  • Expert instructor assistance for your professor in the field of value engineering
  • Free training and CVT certification for the professors overseeing the training (a book fee will apply and instructors must pass the QVT examination)

What your students get.

  • Quality training guided by you. Assisted by us, as needed.
  • An opportunity to attain the QVT certification as administered by you, the CVT.
  • Access to the various systems supported by the various sponsors of


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