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Fundamentals and Use (Module I course material)
This is the premiere course for learning the process. We have taught this course to thousands worldwide. The onsite version of this class is very intense and takes over 24 hours. Accordingly, when you take the online version of the course, we recommend you plan on expending over 40-hours on the effort.

This course includes more than 23 session segments, 50 instructional lessons, hundreds of examples showing the process, many exercises, a full set of value study operation templates, a full set of overheads for the lessons, videos, and a textbook (a value of over $56 if purchased separately) Further, your work is reviewed by a certified value trainer (CVT)- with helpful comments to assist you in learning the process.

Designed for the person that cannot attend a physical class, many people have stated that this is is the course of choice to learn the process. Since it is self paced, the participant has more time to review the materials and practice the use of the tools and issues discussed.

Course outline

  1. Lessons 1-5, general information, history issues, practical applications
  2. Lessons 6-9, human dynamic and decision theories that are the basis of the process and of use to the student in deciding how to apply the process
  3. Lessons 10-16, the selection processes used to identify projects for concentrated effort, selecting people to participate, and prepare for the value study process
  4. Lessons 17-20, criteria and limits, applications, and how they can be used in cost models
  5. Lessons 21-23, components and processes, cost models, using the value index or equation, Pareto, needs use models
  6. Lessons 24-31, function analysis, function logic diagrams, identifying value opportunities, selection and use of focus issues, and recommendations for team interactions
  7. Lessons 32-33, creativity processes, and ensuring the full power of the team is used
  8. Lessons 34-37, analysis processes, turning ideas into concepts, and their use
  9. Lessons 38-43, developing concepts into good solid proposals, and generating supporting materials
  10. Lessons 44-45, presentation issues
  11. Lessons 46-47, implementation procedures and means to ensure the results do not just get left behind
  12. Lesson 48, verification and the relationships in plays in programs
  13. Lessons 49-52, support issues and methods to go beyond the fundamentals
  14. Lessons 53-55, the next steps to successful application of the value process

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